T is for Tantrum   Enjoy this excerpt from EP author Elizabeth El Mostain's new book, Survival Tips for Mums: Practical ideas for thriving in the early years of motherhood:

The days following the birth of a new baby are a strange mixture of joy, pain, exhaustion, excitement and change. I have been blessed with six children. While motherhood is a wonderful privilege, it is also very hard. When my eldest daughter turned ten, I celebrated a decade of motherhood by sharing ten ‘mummy survival tips’ on Facebook, which eventually grew into a book. ‘Survival Tips for Mums’ is divided into two parts. The first looks at ways in which mothers can take care of themselves mentally, physically, spiritually and socially so that they are better equipped to serve their families. The second provides an A–Z of practical tips and ideas for mums. Here is an extract from ‘T is for teething, tummy bugs and tantrums’:

How many of us believe that our childhood struggles are doomed to limit our current potential? EP author Faith Cook is a fantastic example of someone who pushed past those limitations to reach her full potential in later years. Enjoy her inspiring testimony: As a child...

Recently Ligonier Ministries interviewed EP Books author John Blanchard for its Tabletalk Magazine. We found his answers to be incredibly insightful. Enjoy this excerpt:
Tabletalk: What is the most common objection to the Christian faith you hear from atheists, and how do you answer it? John Blanchard: The theory of evolution, and science in general, have often been thrown at me as reasons for rejecting the Christian faith, and one must develop ways of dealing with these. It can easily be shown that evolutionary ideas have no explanation for human dignity, rationality, or morality, while science’s limitations can be pinpointed just as easily. For example, Richard Dawkins’ claim that “truth means scientific truth” is not even a scientific statement. On its own terms, it can’t be true; it is no more than a silly sound bite.

  With fall around the corner, the EP Books family wants to encourage you to start fall strong by recommitting to the study of scripture. This month we've been featuring the works of Alec Taylor, A Pilgrim's Treasury and Pilgrims Under Pressure. These daily devotionals are the perfect tool to get your personal time with the Lord back on track. In each of Taylor's books you will quickly note the author's love for the Word of God, but also for the words of God. He has written a booklet titled An ABC of Bible Words, and we hope you will enjoy this excerpt: