Have you tried this? A key to jump start your devotional habits…

Have you tried this? A key to jump start your devotional habits…


Judging by the devotion and seriousness of our readers, we can guess that very few of you ignore the necessity of daily Bible reading. In fact, many of you may have mastered this discipline as you’ve matured in Christ. Yet even the most ardent followers of the Lord can struggle to establish this foundational habit. And surely there is no habit more opposed by our Enemy than that of consuming the Word daily… a Word which describes and promises his ultimate defeat!

So, what is the answer? Earlier morning alarms? Accountability groups? The perfect app? The perfect version of the Bible? We would argue that the first step should have absolutely nothing to do with reading the Bible. But instead… prayer.

Call upon the Lord and implore Him to draw you to his Word.

Beg the Holy Spirit to be your teacher as you read passages that are difficult to understand.

Pray that He would do for you what Jesus did for the disciples in Luke 24:45: “and he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.”

Cry out for the desire and passion to place Bible reading at the top of your priority list. 

We believe that these are the types of prayers that move the heart of God because they line up perfectly with his divine will.

After prayer, what comes next? Here is where you will find so many good suggestions for Bible reading plans and devotionals. At Evangelical Press, we are blessed with a group of authors who are passionate about drawing the reader to God’s Word. To this end, many of them have crafted devotionals to offer guidance, insights, and a doable plan for daily Bible reading. We hope that these resources will be a blessing to you as you seek to dive into God’s Word daily.


A devotional commentary on the Epistle of James
No part of the Bible is more dynamically relevant to today’s ethical culture and spiritual climate than the Letter of James. It tackles twenty-first-century issues head-on, ruthlessly exposing our pressures and problems and showing how they can be overcome by the indwelling grace of God.
464 pages | £12.99 | $19.99



A devotional commentary on the Book of Daniel                                                                              Brian Russell guides us carefully through the text and context of Daniel, to restore the vision of God’s extraordinary power that it presents. He shows us how the book of Daniel can remind us of God’s sovereignty in the calamities of the world, God’s wisdom against all the knowledge of the world, and points us to Christ, God’s light in this world, that will never be put out.                                                           336 pages | £14.99 | $17.99


Daily Treasure: 366 daily readings from Spurgeon’s Treasury of David

366 daily readings from Spurgeon’s Treasury of David on the Psalms                                            Each daily devotional includes a section of a psalm, a suggested further reading and a short comment for meditation, usually from Puritans authors. The Treasury will guide the reader through the whole Psalter—the riches of the Word of God—but will also provide him or her with bountiful material for profound spiritual reflection.                                                                                                                                                           364 pages | £17.99 | $23.99


Selected Bible readings and devotional commentary                                                              The readings have been selected to encourage Christians living in difficult times and at the same time provide evangelistic encouragement. As the readings are used, you will encounter biblical characters who, like Christians today, faced hostility and persecution and yet by the grace of God triumphed in them.                                                                                                                                        400 pages | £14.99 | $19.99


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