2020 Gift Guide

2020 Gift Guide

EP Books Gift Guide

Something for every book lover in your life!


Practically Trained Pastors by Brian Croft and James Carroll  |  £9.99  $17.99  |  Pre-order now  |  Available in the UK on January 2, 2021  |  Available in the US in April 2021

For the pastor, leadership developer or seminary student

Coping with Criticism by Mostyn Roberts  |  £4.99  $6.99  |  Available in the UK and US

For the leader

That Hideous Strength: A Deeper Look at How the West Was Lost by Melvin Tinker  |  £9.99  |  Available in the UK

For those with a love of history and politics

Be Filled With the Spirit by Stuart Olyott  |  £3.99  | Available in the UK

For those seeking to learn more about the Holy Spirit

Bone of Contention by Sylvia Baker  |  £4.99  |  Available in the UK

For the scientist or student

The Last Valley by Graham Heaps  |  £6.99  |  Available in the UK

For those grieving loss or dealing with a terminal illness


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