The Last Valley: a story of God’s grace in terminal illness

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From the Foreword by Geoff Thomas:

I’ve read this book, every word. I couldn’t put it down. I have known its author for forty years, and also his wife for those same long and happy decades. There are few people I have admired as much. A year after Sue died my own dear wife Iola also died. I have walked the same valley as Graham …

I will read the book again. It will be a delight to do so. It will strengthen my hope, and deepen my trust in God, learning how Graham Heaps was given strength and wisdom when confronted with the greatest test of his life, walking with the one he adored right up to that river, across which there is no bridge, and see her slip away to glory unable yet to go with her any further.

There are observations on every page that humbled me, but also strengthened me in trusting a living personal Father in heaven who can never wrong me, nor mine, in anything he does. I am so thankful for the courage and honesty of Graham as he shares this pilgrimage with us.

Graham Heaps was pastor of Dewsbury Evangelical Church for four decades and is now retired. Three years after Sue’s death he married Barbara. They still live in Dewsbury.

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