A note from Graham Hind

A note from Graham Hind

There will be very few people for whom 2020 has not been the strangest year of their lives. What seemed to be the simple, ordinary ways and patterns of life have been taken over by the reaction of governments all over the world to the Covid-19 virus. Certainly in Britain and in the United States, freedoms of the simplest kind have been and continue to be restricted, including the freedom to worship freely, according to conscience (in the USA, the Supreme Court has acted to reverse restrictions on churches, for which the Lord be praised). There has been major damage to many businesses, and a consequent rise in unemployment affecting millions of people.


Nevertheless, the Lord has been gracious to us—Christians can testify to that in their personal lives and wider society. The work of God has been supported by good books, which have continued to be available and continue to sell. For EP, 2020 has been a year of transition as the publishing work has begun to integrate with the work of 10ofthose, a process that will complete in the first months of 2021. We are grateful to all our friends and customers, the teams at JPL and 10ofthose, and above all to the Lord.
What of the future? We long for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, and while we wait we continue to work. This prayer, a modernised version of one written by Matthew Henry, is one to bear in mind:
Covenant Lord, the perplexities of life are so great that we do not know what to do. But our eyes are on you. Let us hear your voice behind us, saying, ’This is the way, walk in it.’ May we not turn away from your path either to the right hand or to the left. Order our steps by your word, and let no iniquity have dominion over us.

May the Lord bless you richly this Christmas and in the year ahead.

Graham Hind

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