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Silence. Just the word may cause you anxiety. Does it make you think of boredom, lonliness or isolation? The truth is that most of us have very little silence in our lives. At home we listen to music or watch television while our family members chatter away. Then we move to the car or transit where we instantly turn on music or a podcast. Even our workouts are full of noise from a screen or our earbuds. And how many of us turn on music during our "quiet" time with God? Today we're excerpting an article by Brian Croft of Practical Shepherding, which shares his struggle with silence and the tremendous benefit it has brought to his life as a person and a pastor.

  When your children are young, the idea of preparing them for adulthood seems incredibly irrelevant. You might be thinking¬†at this point I'd be happy with them just tying their own shoes! But the truth is that the years will speed by and both you and your child will be staring their adulthood in the face, whether you've prepared or not.