Zachary Macaulay by Faith Cook

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‘What a life! What superlatives can do it justice? The name is strong and affirmative … Zachary Macaulay. It rolls on your tongue — say it aloud. Then see how this man’s three-score years and ten were lived. What a journey he took from a Scottish manse in Inverary, Argyllshire, to move to Jamaica as a bookkeeper at 16 years of age and soon manager of an estate there, confronted with raw slavery. He was properly convinced of its horrors and became one of the leading slave abolitionists of the world, and then governor of Sierra Leone, and even editor of the Christian Observor for fourteen years. His son became a Member of Parliament and his grandson, Lord Macaulay, was the famous British historian. He was a giant with a warm heart and so a challenge to any biographer. Faith Cook has used all her skill and spiritual sympathy to bring this man to life. She has written another inspirational book and put us in her debt again.’

Geoff Thomas Pastor, Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales

‘This little biography is a gem. In short compass Faith Cook has rescued Zachary Macaulay from undeserved obscurity and once more placed us all in her debt. This is the attractively written story of a great Christian philanthropist, who after a conversion from an early dissolute life spent his energies in the movement to destroy slavery in the British Empire.’

Robert Oliver Lecturer in Church History and Historical Theology at the London Theological Seminary

Faith Cook, the daughter of OMF missionaries, was born in China and now lives in Derbyshire, England. She is the author of a number of books, including Fearless Pilgrim — the life and times of John Bunyan; Lady Jane Grey, the Nine-day Queen of England; Our Hymn-Writers and their Hymns; Seeing the Invisible; Lives Turned Upside Down; Anne Bradstreet and two historical novels, Under the Scaffold and Caught in the Web, all published by EP.

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