WCS Jude – Slandering the Angels by John Benton

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The epistle of Jude was written to combat false teaching which in many ways encapsulates all the worst dangers to the church and the biblical gospel today. John Benton urges his readers to regain Jude’s vision of contending for the faith, not just at the intellectual level, but at the level of responsible Christian living and practical, loving Christianity for those led astray.

In a society where the claim that we can know absolute truth is dismissed as ridiculous and moral standards are disregarded if they interfere with personal enjoyment, the church is under threat in two ways. Tired of swimming against the tide, it can be tempted to throw away its commitment to biblical standards of behaviour and to the uniqueness of Christ as the only Lord and Saviour in the quest for social acceptability. At the same time, in a longing to see God at work in revival and the desire to be seen to be successful, Christians may be open to accept anything that causes a sensation and attracts a crowd, even if it departs from the biblical gospel.

John Benton was a pastor in Guildford for many years, and is currently Director of Pastoral Support for the John Owen Centre at London Seminary. He is also managing editor of the monthly Christian newspaper Evangelicals Now.

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