WCS Joel – Prophet of the coming day of the Lord by O. Palmer Robertson

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For such a short book the prophecy of Joel deals with weighty matters that continue to have significance even today. The certainty and severity of God’s judgements that are to fall first on God’s own people and then on all the nations of the world, and the prominence of the Day of the Lord in the purposes and plans of God, all display the lordship of God in human history. Joel reminds the people of the divine summons to heartfelt repentance and the glorious truth of the consummate blessing of the Lord in the renewal of the earth by the outpouring of his Spirit on men and women, young and old, Jew and Gentile.

O. Palmer Robertson gained his Bachelor of Divinity degree from Westminster Seminary and his Master’s and Doctorate from Union Theological Seminary, Virginia, USA. Dr Robertson was active in the establishment of the Presbyterian Church in America and has worked in various church ministries as well as seminary teaching. He has numerous books in print and is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker in Africa, Europe, and Latin and North America. He is married with three daughters, three sons, and seven grandchildren. He currently serves as the Vice Chancellor of African Bible University in Kampala, Uganda.

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