Thinking About Abortion: Where do we begin?

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Abortion is one of those words that can send Christians scurrying for cover. We can be reluctant to engage with the topic because we feel unqualified and underprepared. We may hear the clamour of voices on the news, and wonder what the Bible says about when life begins. We may come with our arguments at the ready, but struggle to respond to real life ethical dilemmas. Even if we feel like we have a good grasp of what culture and the Bible have to say, we may feel out of our depth applying a biblical perspective to such a sensitive subject.

Thinking about Abortion… encourages us to carefully reflect on the topic of abortion as a whole and consider how Christians should approach this issue in a divided world. With wisdom and sensitivity, the authors help us to engage thoughtfully with our society, listen obediently to what the Bible has to say, and apply God’s unchanging Word to our ever-changing culture.


Dr Chris Richards is a consultant paediatrician. Since its establishment in 2008 he has directed the Tyneside Pregnancy Advice Centre, which provides an ultrasound-supported advice service to woman in crisis pregnancy in Newcastle upon Tyne. He is an elder of All Saints Presbyterian Church. He is also director of Lovewise, which provides and presents material for young people on the subject of marriage and sexual purity from a Christian perspective. He is author of a number of books including Growing up God’s Way and True Love. He is married to Alison and they have seven children.

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