The Lord Shepherding his Sheep by Joel Beeke

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Perhaps no psalm is more familiar to Christians and others in Christianised countries than Psalm 23. In Britain a familiar setting of it is sung at many funerals. The very familiarity of the words can lead to the great depth of meaning being easily missed, and so here master expositor Joel Beeke carefully examines David’s Holy Spirit-inspired words and brings warm, Christ-centred application from the well- known phrases.

The author says:
This book is based on a series of sermons preached thirty-five years ago and was subsequently published as my first book, titled Jehovah Shepherding His Sheep. That book has been reprinted several times over the years [Note: it has not been available for ten years in the UK], but I have long desired to shorten, edit, and in certain parts, rewrite those sermons. The Lord Shepherding His Sheep is the result of that desire. My original desire for the book, however, has not changed: I offer this book with the conviction that reading Christ-centered, Reformed, experiential sermons frequently serves as a means of blessing for God’s sheep. My aim is to bring glory to God, to edify believers, and to help lost lambs find the Good Shepherd.

In God’s providential leading of His church, Psalm 23 has become undoubtedly the favorite psalm of believers. More than any other psalm, this portion of the Holy Psalter has been on the lips and in the hearts of God’s people in all kinds of circumstances and trials and hardships. Joel Beeke’s study of this text, originally a series of sermons, helps the reader understand why this is so. In fine, this psalm’s depiction of the Lord Jesus as a shepherd, when seen in the light of the entire scope of the Bible, goes to the very heart of the Christian Faith. A tremendous, soul-enriching study of this favored text.

Michael A G Haykin, Professor of Church History & Biblical Spirituality The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

If there is a passage of the Bible that we would judge to be the most well-known  of all Scripture, then many of us would choose Psalm 23. Let us be sure we understand and profit from its simple message. It is said that ‘Scripture is old, yet ever new.’ Proof of that adage is displayed here in The Lord Shepherding His People. You will discover fresh light, comfort, hope and joy in these wonderfully familiar words as Joel Beeke opens them up and applies them to ourselves. Take and read!
Pastor Geoff Thomas, Aberystwyth, UK

Joel R. Beeke is president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, a minister of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as an international conference speaker and author of numerous books.
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