The All-Conquering Lamb Brian A Russell

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The Bible’s closing book, Revelation, is often neglected: apart from the imagery used in the book itself, there are the competing interpretations among sincere believers and then misuse by the cults.
Brian Russell steers a safe course through these danger points. This is a book for the believer who loves the Word of God—here you will find clear interpretation in agreement with a Reformed understanding of Scripture, accompanied by warm and encouraging application. All of this is written in a style that the ordinary believer will find attractive, but with sufficient depth to give the preacher help and guidance in bringing the message of Revelation to the church.

Brian A. Russell entered the pastoral ministry in 1962. He has served churches in South Africa, where he was born, Zimbabwe, and Virginia, USA, where he now lives. He is the author of a number of books, the most recent of which are Saved by Grace from First to Last, Behold My Servant, and I AM. He and his wife Muriel have three grown children.

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