Revelation by Alun Ebenezer

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The book of Revelation may appear at first to be very difficult to understand and full of puzzling symbols. But far from trying to confuse its readers, its purpose was, and is, to comfort and give hope to people who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Edward Donnelly (Belfast) calls this 'an inviting and useful introduction, especially for young people, to the book of Revelation'. Alistair Begg succinctly says, 'Nice one Alun! Finally a book on Revelation that is readable and understandable'.

As a letter it was intended for specific people at a specific time in history. In the letter the writer wants to comfort the church in its struggle against the forces of evil. He wants them to know that God sees their tears (7.17; 21:4); that their prayers are influential in world affairs (8.3, 4). He wants them to know that the death of their fellow Christians was precious in his sight and that the final victory of Jesus Christ and his people is assured (15.2). He wants them to know that Christ lives and reigns for ever; he governs the world in the interest of his church (5.7, 8); He is coming again to take his people to himself and live with them forever (21.22) and He is also with them now (1.12-20).

'I am really excited about passing this commentary on to people like my nephews, nieces and godchildren as the first commentary they read. It is contemporary, clear and reaches out to a first-time commentary reader. How exciting for them to start with the book of Revelation!'

Revd Rico Tice (All Souls, Langham Place, London).

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