Psalm 119 for life by Hywel Jones

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Beginning as devotional addresses in the Chapel of Westminster Seminary, California, Hywel Jones takes us deftly and skilfully through the twenty-two stanzas of Psalm 119. He believes that there is a timeless quality to the Psalm, by which he meaning that it speaks very naturally to Christ's church in any age and culture. Thus, it is of pressing relevance.

Because the message of this psalm is one of such relevance, every Christian should give it serious and regular attention. The truths and convictions which formed the mind-set of the psalmist, as he looked upward to the Lord and forward to the coming of the Messiah, should characterize every Christian as he or she looks back to the first coming of Jesus Christ and forward to his return.

Dr Jones says that the Psalm is 'most worthy of being called 'the Great Psalm', and not only because of its complex form but its central theme, which is that the Word of God provides 'all things [necessary] to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3)….It is therefore a spiritual as well as a literary tour de force.'

Remarkable poetic skill is wedded to singular piety in order to send a message to the people of God about the Word of God and the way of the godly – in a fallen world'.

Dr Hywel Jones pastored churches in Wrexham and London, was principal of London Theological Seminary, Editorial Director of the Banner of Truth Trust and Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Seminary, California.

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