Pastoral Perseverance

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The call to ministry is a call to lay down your life for others.
It seems we have reached an unprecedented time of burnout and depression among pastors. These men often dedicate their lives to shepherding congregations without anyone who will care for them. Pastoral Perseverance could not have come at a more crucial time.
Seasoned pastors and authors, Brian Croft and James Carroll, strengthen pastors by pointing them to God’s word for help in facing the unique challenges of pastoral ministry in the modern day so that they will not merely survive, but stay, endure, and even thrive.
Selected Commendations
“I benefited from the deep wisdom of these pages and commend this book to every fellow pastor.”
Dane Ortlund
“I finished the book encouraged and refreshed, with new insight to press on in ministry. Pastors, read this book to put wind in your pastoral sails. Church members, read this book to know how to better serve your pastors.”
Phil A. Newton

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