Out of the Shadows by Faith Cook

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Nine short, inspiring biographies of lesser-known Christians who made a difference. Perhaps best known is Patricia St John (the final chapter) to whom Mrs Cook pays a personal and moving tribute to someone who showed such kindness.

As William Philip (St George’s- Tron, Glasgow) observes, these stories are ‘full of interest and inspiration’.

‘I am tempted to say that no one can dig up saints like Faith Cook! I love her stuff (like Out of the Shadows) because she introduces me to many disciples I knew nothing about. Mrs Cook has masterful treatments of the “bigger” ones (Selina, Grimshaw, and Bunyan), but she also pulls out these delightful pieces of the Ebed-melech- and Onesiphorus-types, these sketches of the lesser known. As she depicts (what is often) the sadness of their circumstances and the tenacity of their faith she encourages us to keep placing one foot in front of another for Jesus’ sake.’                                                                    Dale Ralph Davis, Teaching Pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

‘Faith Cook’s many devoted readers will certainly welcome Out of the Shadows, a collection of nine short and very diverse biographies. Many of the names will be unfamiliar, but their stories are full of interest and inspiration, each in its own way bearing witness to the faithfulness and goodness of the God whose love and mercy know no bounds. Not just education, but real encouragement, will be found in these pages.’
William J. U. Philip, Minister, St George’s-Tron Church, Glasgow

Faith Cook, the daughter of OMF missionaries, was born in China and now lives in Derbyshire, England. She is the author of many other titles including

Stronger than the sword; Anne Bradstreet – pilgrim and poet; Stars in God’s sky; Lady Jane Grey, nine-day queen of England; Fearless pilgrim, the life of John Bunyan; Our hymn-writers and their hymns; Seeing the invisible; Lives turned upside down; Under the scaffold [based on the life and times of William Grimshaw]; Caught in the web; and Living the Christian life, a joint publication with her husband Paul. Paul served as a pastor in churches in Northallerton, Shepshed and Hull.

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