Meet the Real Jesus by John Blanchard

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In our day of humanism, scepticism and relativism, there is a great need for a modern day C.S. Lewis who can lead doubters to a true understanding of Jesus. John Blanchard is that author. We give the book away by the hundreds, and we have seen many former doubters come to know Jesus as their Lord and God through reading it.

Wade Burleson, Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, Oklahoma.

The finest book I have ever read explaining who Jesus really is. Carefully reasoned, rooted in the Bible, and written in a popular, easy-to-read style, this book will prove thrilling for the Christian and very convincing to the sceptic or unbeliever.

Brian Edwards, preacher and author.

In this superlative book John Blanchard has greatly increased the debt we already owe him.

Alec Motyer, theologian and author.

The presentation of biblical evidence is both masterful and attractive. Beneath this easy, readable style is a rich fare of the meat of the Word.

The Banner of Truth.

Another excellent book by a great communicator! Blanchard’s careful reasoning is captured in a popular, easy-to-read style.

The Irish Baptist.

A carefully argued presentation of biblical doctrine. This is a work of believing scholarship, yet both arresting and thrilling.

Evangelical Action Australia.

A fine presentation. John Blanchard deals with this vital subject in a manner which is exciting to the believer and challenging to the unbeliever.

Evangelical Magazine Wales.

Anything by this prolific author is well worth reading. This is a brilliant book and one which could be of enormous benefit to Christian and non-believer.

Your Tomorrow.

Dr John Blanchard is an internationally known author, evangelist and Christian apologist. Some 18 million copies of his publications are in print in over 60 languages.

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