Matthew Henry by Philip Eveson

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The name of Matthew Henry will always be associated with his famous commentary. All over the world there are Christians who still appreciate the value of his work. For three hundred years his exposition of the biblical text, devotional comments, practical wisdom, warm theology and helpful insights have been of immense value to Christians both in their private devotions and family worship. Here is not only the writer, but also the preacher, the counsellor and the man of great prayer.

Matthew Henry lived during a very difficult period of persecution for Christians who were not prepared to submit to Anglican worship and organization – often being treated as second class citizens. His legacy is one that churches, pastors, parents and individual believers can ill afford to ignore.

Many know his commentary, but remain ignorant of the man himself.

Joel Beeke comments, 'Therefore I am delighted that Philip Eveson has written this brief biography of Henry. interesting and inspiring, it reminds us that a faithful servant of God is like a stone dropped into a still pond, sending out ripples that continue long after the stone disappears'.

Philip Eveson served churches in South Wales and London, as well as lecturing at London Theological Seminary, being its principal between 1997 and 2008. He is the author of a number of books, including commentaries on Genesis and Leviticus in the Welwyn Commentary Series, published by EP.

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