Let God be God – Songs of hope and consolation by Faith Cook

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‘Most of these verses were composed during a twenty–year period between 1980–2000. Some arose out of material I was reading in connection with the biographical accounts I was working on at the time. The majority, however, were written as a direct result either of sermons that had influenced me, books that I was reading or as an expression of God’s personal dealings with me in correction, encouragement and comfort. The quotations accompanying the lines are also largely drawn from books I have read that have stimulated and shaped my thinking. From time to time a number of friends have asked me if I would be willing to allow these verses, some of a quite personal nature, to be published. It is only the desire that others may find hope and consolation through these lines that has eventually persuaded me to do so.’  Faith Cook

Faith Cook is a widely published author. Troubled Journey: A Missionary Childhood in war-torn China and Selina, Countess of Huntingdon are both published by Banner of Truth. Faith has fifteen titles in print with EP, including Fearless Pilgrim: the life and times of John Bunyan and Our Hymn Writers and their hymns, Lady Jane Grey: Nine Day Queen of England, Caught in the Web and Surprised by God.

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