Crazy but True by Natalie Brand

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What the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ is a crazy message for women today. Why is it crazy? Because it teaches that when we have faith in Jesus,
 we are connected to him . . . forever! In this book, Natalie Brand unpacks the incredible reality of the Christian’s union with Jesus Christ. With all the new trends in spirituality; Brand calls her readers to reclaim a spirituality of truth . . . raw God-truth from God’s Word. These pages will help you discover the power of the Bible’s teaching that believers are united to Jesus for forgiveness but also for daily life; a truth that is deeply relevant whether you are sitting at your desk, at your steering wheel, or standing at your sink at home . . . Union with Christ changes everything!

Natalie Brand dusts off the somewhat neglected doctrine of union with Christ and polishes it up to the glory it deserves to a new generation of Christian women. In a world of self-help and ten- point plans, we need to be reminded that it is the in-Christness of believers that is the key to Christian growth, to godly living and to enjoying church. It is in fact the very heart of the gospel and far from being theoretical is personal and practical. This book’s theology is solid and deep while the applications are thoroughly contemporary and relevant.

Ann Benton, British Writer and Conference Speaker

Life is busy. People are searching for spirituality. Culture says truth is relative. Natalie addresses all of these situations with one answer: salvation in Jesus Christ, as described in the Bible, is the only and sufficient foundation for our lives. She applies this truth to many areas in a contemporary and interesting manner, for our practical and spiritual benefit.

Mary Beeke, American Author

In this rare book, packed with theological teaching, Natalie Brand has combined practical daily Christian living with the unusual dimension of being directed particularly towards women. She has achieved a remarkable balance in a work full of interest, familiar situations and pitfalls while maintaining a depth of spiritual insight to encourage us forward in our Christian experience.

Faith Cook, British Author

Natalie Brand (Ph.D., Trinity St David) has also written Complementarian Spirituality: Reformed Women and Union with Christ (Wipf & Stock). She teaches the course ‘Female Spirituality’ at Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST) and is passionate about women studying theology. Natalie is married to Thomas, a pastor in Oxfordshire, and they have two daughters.

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