Candle in the Wind by Gary Brady

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Matthew Henry (1662-1714), commenting on Romans 2, wrote that “Conscience is the candle of the Lord which was not quite put out”. Others have been much more effusive about conscience. In his now famous Les Miserables, the French writer Victor Hugo wrote that “there is a spectacle more grand than the sea; it is heaven; there is a spectacle more grand than heaven; it is the conscience.”

Books on the conscience have been few and far between in recent years. This probably points to an underlying neglect of what is a truly important subject. This latest exploration of conscience is intended to do something to help address this situation. It seeks to bring the subject of conscience to the bar of God's Word so that we may be helped to understand it in the way we should. It begins by amassing the biblical data – more extensive than many realise – and seeks to clear away confusion and properly define what conscience is. Subsequent chapters explore conscience in the unconverted, in those under conviction and in believers. Problems that arise with the consciences of Christians are also examined; among other topics included are conscience in children and conscience in eternity.

'With one or two worthy exceptions, evangelicals today neglect the subject of conscience in fostering personal spiritual growth, in preaching and in our literature. This readable and thorough study is much needed. Gary Brady speaks to contemporary issues but also enriches us with the insights of the Puritans who took conscience so much more seriously than we do. You will be glad you read it.'
Mostyn Roberts Pastor, Welwyn Evangelical Church, and chairman of Evangelical Press.

Gary Brady grew up on a housing estate in Cwmbran, South Wales, in the sixties and seventies and became the pastor of Childs Hill Baptist Church, London, in 1983. This is his sixth book with Evangelical Press and is the fruit of many years of study. Gary is married to Eleri; they have five sons and two grandchildren.

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