Adolphe Monod by Constance K Walker

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Adolphe Monod (1802–1856) was a beloved and courageous French pastor, a major figure in the nineteenth-century Awakening. While he is still well-known among our French-speaking brothers, most English-speaking evangelicals have scarcely heard of him.

In God’s providence Constance Walker ‘stumbled’ upon a dusty, seemingly obscure volume from 1856 containing Monod’s death-bed meditations. She found these meditations to be filled with life and peace and often joy, even as the speaker was suffering from intense, unremitting pain. Beyond that, the messages displayed a beautiful balance between logic and feeling, between appeals to the head and to the heart. Monod set out a lofty standard for the Christian life, while managing to make that standard winsomely appealing.

Monod was called ‘the voice of the Awakening’. His impact was enormous, as he labored to awaken the nominal Christians of his era to a living, vibrant, personal faith in Jesus Christ and as he challenged those who had such faith to live more wholeheartedly for their Savior. The richness of his classic, romantic prose is only matched by the richness of his thought and the depth of his love for his Savior.

‘In these pages Monod comes alive as a real person, gifted, devoted, purposeful. This is biography as it ought to be: carefully documented, beautifully illustrated, and compellingly written. Constance Walker has given us both an accurate history and a labor of love. I cannot imagine a better window into the drama of church history and the way God writes straight over crooked lines.’

William Edgar Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

Constance K. Walker PhD is a recently-retired Senior Research Scientist in nuclear physics at Duke University. She has also edited and translated a number of Adolphe Monod’s most important works and was the principal editor of a new French edition of his famous Farewells. She has given numerous talks, often in partnership with her late husband, on the harmony between science and the Christian faith, and has written a short booklet on the subject. She lives in Durham NC and is a member of The Church of the Good Shepherd (Presbyterian Church in America), where she is currently involved in the prayer and college-student ministries.

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