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The Lion’s Honey by John Benton

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ISBN 9781783971817

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New title January 2017

John Benton brings his wide pastoral experience to bear on the realities of Christian leadership as many experience it: “Our own sins always leave scars on us. These can go deep. There are also the bruises that come from being on the wrong end of other peoples’ sins. No one has a perfect past or a perfect upbringing. So Christian leaders can be damaged goods. Furthermore, each of us, no matter how ‘regular’ we may appear outwardly, has his own weaknesses…. On his worst days, a Christian leader might actually be frightened of himself and what he is capable of, apart from God’s grace. Here we are called to be a blessing to the church but we could so easily be the opposite…. It is my hope that this short study of the life of Samson as a defective Christian leader will enable others to be honest, and to understand themselves and to persevere in fruitful ministry.”

John Benton was a pastor in Guildford for many years, and is currently Director of Pastoral Support for the John Owen Centre at London Seminary. He is also managing editor of the monthly Christian newspaper Evangelicals Now.

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