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Heading for Heaven by J C Ryle

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ISBN 9780852347102

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Most people think they are heading for heaven – but are they?

J. C. Ryle is clear there is only one way; that is through the Lord Jesus Christ. Only such can have the assurance that, through Christ's work on the cross, they will one day be home at last. As ever with this author, there is simplicity, clarity and a thoroughly biblical approach to this subject. An encouragement to the Christian and a warning to the unbeliever.

J. C. Ryle, one of the outstanding evangelical leaders of the nineteenth century, preached and wrote with clarity and simplicity. In these days when evangelical preachers are accused of being either superficial or dull, we have in this little book a great example from one who was neither of these things. What he has to say about heaven and eternal glory should be an encouragement to every true believer and a challenge to those who are without Christ and eternal hope.

'Blessed be God! There shall be no sorrow in heaven. There shall not be one single tear shed within the courts above. There shall be no more disease and weakness and decay. The coffin, and the funeral, and the grave shall be things unknown. Our faces shall no more be pale and sad. No more shall we go out from the company of those we love and be parted asunder–that word, ‘farewell’, shall never be heard again. There shall be no anxious thought about tomorrow to mar and spoil our enjoyment. There shall be no sharp and cutting words to wound our souls. Our needs will have come to a perpetual end, and all around us shall be harmony and love.'

John Charles Ryle (1816 – 1900) was an evangelical Anglican clergyman and first Bishop of Liverpool. He was renowned for his powerful preaching and extensive tracts.

SKU: 9780852347102