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Amazing Acts: Act 1 by Gerard Chrispin

UK PRICE £8.99
US PRICE $11.99
ISBN 9781783970803

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'Amazing Acts-Act One’ is the first book in a trilogy covering the Acts of the Apostles.

 Each book brings to life the early church’s gripping adventures as it takes the good news of Jesus Christ ‘here, there and everywhere’ in a hostile world.

The Bible’s dynamic book of the Acts of the Apostles :-

• Helps lead its readers to personal faith in Christ.
• Encourages wholehearted and willing discipleship in those who read it.
• Produces enjoyable, uplifting and profitable daily personal Bible study.
• Promotes lively and helpful discussion when studied in groups.
• Blesses all who read and trust it.

A free audio download of the ‘Amazing Acts’ text is available from a supporting website (CD’s can be supplied).

Also available is an integrated Correspondence Course for groups or individuals. Successful students receive Certificates after markers guide them through the course.

This book is published in association with CPR (

CPR is a ministry bringing the gospel to people in prison and in immigration removal centres.

Gerard Chrispin is enthusiastic about the Christian message! He feels the greatest joys are to receive Christ and to help others to do so. He is fully involved in this work through his local church, his writing ministry, Christian Prison Resources Ministries, United Beach Missions and Christian Answer. A qualified lawyer, he is convinced that the evidence for the truth of the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is rock solid.

SKU: 9781783970803