WCS Genesis – The book of Origins by Philip Eveson

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Genesis: the beginning of everything, recorded with an opening verse that has been called the most controversial verse in Scripture, at least as far as modern thought is concerned: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In the pages of Genesis the origin of the human race and indeed all living things is outlined, the roots of the gospel are found and the history of the people of God begins. Philip Eveson takes an unashamedly conservative position in dealing with this crucial book in a way that is accessible to every one. This commentary is a highlight of the Welwyn series – don't miss it!

Philip Eveson was a Welsh Presbyterian minister in South Wales before moving to the Kensit Memorial College in North London. He was involved in the establishment of the London Theological Seminary (LTS) where he subsequently lectured in the biblical languages and literature, and was principal from 1997-2009. He served as minister of the Kensit Evangelical Church for twenty-five years. On retirement he returned with Jenny his wife to his native land. He continues to preach, lecture and write and is an active member of Borras Park Evangelical Church, Wrexham. His interests include playing the piano and organ, painting and enjoying his four grandchildren. He is the author of numerous books and articles including commentaries on Psalms (two volumes) and Leviticus in the Welwyn Commentary series.

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