Truth for Life by John Blanchard

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A Devotional Commentary on the Epistle of James

This is a new edition of this title and now includes the ESV as the main source of Scripture quotations.
No part of the Bible is more dynamically relevant to today’s ethical culture and spiritual climate than the Letter of James. It tackles twenty-first-century issues head-on, ruthlessly exposing our pressures and problems and showing how they can be overcome by the indwelling grace of God.

John Blanchard vividly expounds this message with clarity and conviction, and with an enthusiasm that makes Truth for Life a book to be read, studied and lived!

God has greatly blessed John Blanchard with the gifts of exposition and clarity. You will not find the Letter of James made plainer or more applicable to life.
Evangelism Today

The exegesis is adequate yet concise, contemporary and incisive, with vivid illustration and anecdote. Personal testimony, discerning application, humour and zest build up a fine commentary.                                                                           The Christian Record                                                                                                                             

If Christianity can become as real and refreshing to the many who will, I hope, read this book as it is to the author, then this ought to be a best-seller.
Word in Action

A veritable feast of good things. It cannot help but profit the diligent reader.
English Churchman

John Blanchard shows faultless theological balance. This book is practical, relevant and soundly based . . . I commend it most warmly to the reader.
Sir Fred Catherwood

Dr John Blanchard is an internationally-known author, evangelist and Christian apologist. Some eighteen million copies of his publications in over sixty languages are in print.

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