EPSC 2 Corinthians Volume 1 by Peter Naylor

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Writing on the second of Paul’s two letters to the Corinthians to be included in the New Testament (in the EP Study Commentary series), Peter Naylor shows how the apostle tells of strength in weakness, comfort in distress, provision in need, fellowship in loneliness, certainty in doubt, guidance in perplexity, protection in peril and hope for the future. This volume deals with chapters 1-7.

Above all, it tells of the surpassing love of Jesus Christ: if Paul the apostle loved and cared for the troublesome Corinthian church as intensely as he did, he no more than reflected, albeit dimly, the grace of God to his believing people.

Joy in the Lord and in his people, pastoral tenderness, righteous anger, self-vindication in the interests of the ministry, profound theology and concern for harmony, both at home and with churches elsewhere, all vie for expression. Each strand interweaves with the others. This volume covers the first seven chapters of the epistle, in which an introduction is followed by a review of Paul’s labours for the church up to the time of writing, with special emphasis placed upon the excellence of the ministry of the new covenant.

Peter Naylor (1937-2007) obtained his M.Th at the University of London, and then studied Semitics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was also awarded a Ph.D. from Potchefstroom University, South Africa. Before retirement he pastored congregations in Suffolk and then at Wellingborough, Northants, England.

He was the author of commentary on Ezekiel in the EP Study Commentary Series.

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