The Dawn Of Heaven Breaks by Sharon James

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Many today live only for the present life. Christians anticipate eternity. Our age idolizes health. Christians know that despite suffering now, we will have glorified bodies in the future. Without Christ, death is a fearful unknown. Christians know that death ushers us into the presence of our Saviour in heaven—where there will be no more grief or suffering.

In this book, Sharon James has brought together a collection of well-loved hymns, Bible readings and other writings on the theme of heaven. If you or someone you love is enduring trials or even facing death, this book will help to provide courage to persevere in the faith and hold on to the hope that the believer has in Christ. It will also help and encourage all of us to prepare for eternity.

‘This is an outstanding collection of Scripture passages, hymns, and short historical narratives, all of which will stir up our hearts to hope more eagerly for heaven and to long to be in the manifest presence of the Lord. The book is permeated with deep reverence for God. It would be an excellent gift to give to anyone facing declining health, but it’s also a great read for any other believer as well. It will touch your heart!’

Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Bible and Theology, Phoenix Seminary

‘This book by Sharon James helps us anticipate eternity and encourages us to tune our hearts to that blessed hope we have in Christ Jesus – for the present and the future. Each chapter is a selection containing: well-loved hymns (many penned in the contemplation of heaven); Bible verses (most of these having become dear to our hearts during our Christian walk); and extracts from the writings of godly men and women past and present. The mix is excellent and well balanced, with much to encourage us to seek all that is promised to the believer in this life and the ‘blessed hope of the coming of the dawn’.’

Evangelical Times.

‘With a collection of extracts from the writings of a number of writers, passages from Scripture and hymns, this beautifully produced book addresses such subjects as illness, ageing, facing death and eternity. The quotations Sharon James has chosen combine tenderness with boldness, and make appropriate reading for Christians of any age as they face times of illnesses and especially for those coping with the fear of death or the anxiety of losing those whom they have loved.’

Faith Cook, author.

Sharon James is the author of a number of books, and has spoken in conferences in many parts of the world. She studied history at Cambridge University, theology at Toronto Baptist Seminary, and has a doctorate from the University of Wales.  Sharon works for the Christian Institute. 

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