Daily Readings by J C Ryle

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This is a brand new deluxe edition of an old favourite, printed on a fine quality paper and with a luxurious gold-blocked cover, and including cloth page marker. There are morning and evening readings for every day of the year covering all four Gospels, each reading with an additional passage suggested for further reading.

Ryle remains a favourite: Dale Ralph Davis says There’s a reason we keep ‘digging up’ Ryle. His writing is always clear (A nineteenth-century man who writes short sentences!), driven (he’s always going after the jugular vein of your soul), and focussed (he just can’t keep his eyes off Jesus). Get a copy and let the nourishment begin – and pick up a spare to put in your guest room.

This superb book has a limited production run : get yours now while stocks remain !

John Charles Ryle (1816–1900) was an Evangelical Anglican, who after 39 years service in country parishes was appointed bishop of Liverpool in 1880. His many writings still published, read & unequalled today, include Notes on the Gospels, Practical Religion and Heading for Heaven.

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