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About EP Books

EP Books, also called Evangelical Press, is a long-established UK publisher of Christian books


Serving the Church

EP is a not-for-profit company that exists to serve the church wherever there is a need for English language books


A clear statement of belief

EP is committed to Reformed Christianity, as expressed in the Westminster Confession, 1689 Baptist Confession and Savoy Declaration, where they agree


Books for the sake of truth

While EP is intended to be a self-supporting organisation, its first consideration in publishing is needed truth rather than financial return. It is a not-for-profit company, and donations to allow free and low cost distribution to needy causes are welcome


Books for all

EP does produce some scholarly titles, but in general our aim is to reach all readers, in the church and outside


Worldwide distribution

EP Books are available worldwide in good bookshops, and through 10ofthose.com