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The Holy War by John Bunyan

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ISBN 9780852342671

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A modern English version by Thelma H Jenkins – Revised 2015 Edition

This dramatic story by John Bunyan, the author of Pilgrim’s Progress, is the account of the long and bitter battle for the city of Mansoul. The city is attacked by Diabolus using every means possible and the weakness and failings of the inhabitants of the city threaten disaster until Prince Emmanuel intervenes and secures victory.

This modernised version of Bunyan’s original retains the beauty of the original author’s style, while making the story accessible to young and old.

Nothing, perhaps, provides us with a better index to the quality of life of an individual or a generation of Christian people, than their reading habits.

Many, alas, do not seem to read at all, but just spend their time in talking or arguing, or in attending an endless succession of meetings.Others read nothing but exciting and dramatised accounts of other people’s experiences. Still others are interested only in books and booklets which deal with “the Christian attitude” to this, that and the other.

Most significant of all, however, is our attitude to the great classics of the Christian life, the books in which our forefathers delighted, and on which, next to the Bible itself, they fed their souls. In this category the works of John Bunyan always stood out prominently for some 250 years, and their neglect during the past 50 years exposes the pathetic superficiality of our generation.

It is said that the moderns find Bunyan difficult to read. Because of this, Mrs Thelma Jenkins, in her desire to introduce people to the riches of The Holy War in particular, has undertaken this labour of love. Her desire is, that as a result of reading it in this more modern idiom, many may be led to read Bunyan himself directly, and thereby experience untold blessings and great enrichment of their spiritual lives. It is my pleasure to encourage this noble effort and my privilege to pray that God will bless it to that end.  D. M. Lloyd-Jones

This book is published in association with CPR, a ministry bringing the gospel to people in prison and in immigration removal centres.

Thelma Jenkins originally began her work on this book for private use. Others read her work and encouraged her to get it published. She lives in Chislehurst, Kent.

SKU: 9780852342671