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Healing and Healers Today by Jim Thompson

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ISBN 9780852349335

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The question that Jim Thompson deals with in this book is how do we, as Christians, respond to claims of a restoration of the New Testament gift of healing? Doubt is not cast on the fact that God can heal, but on the fact that there are those claiming the same gift of healing that was found in the New Testament.

What should our reaction be, for example, when we are told that a healing evangelist is holding meetings in our town? This book sets out to investigate these claims to the gift of healing, and in doing so raises troubling questions about the Word-Faith movement which influences so many people all around the world.

Dr Andrew Fergusson (author of Hard Questions about Health and Healing) says, 'As a doctor who has reviewed and written about claims for miraculous healing, I confidently commend Jim Thompson’s review of this regularly recurring controversy within the church. Medically rigorous and biblically balanced, this book must be considered by all who want to present the gospel, the whole gospel, with integrity.’

'We live in a day when the beauty and glory of the gospel of Christ has lost its lustre in the eyes of many professed Christians. Hence, some often seek after the sensational and titillating so-called signs and wonders of the charismatic movement. Are these ‘‘miracles’’ authentic? Should we pursue and expect them today? Jim Thompson scripturally answers these questions and has given the church an excellent, studied exposé of that which passes in some circles as biblical Christianity. He ably shows the healers’ claims to be exaggerated at best and false at worst. Thompson further explains that there is a real power in the church today; it lies in the ancient message of the gospel — the power of God to deliver from darkness, sin, and the dominion of Satan into the light, forgiveness, and kingdom of Christ. We must never forget that the gospel is the most spiritually explosive power that exists in the world. This book is a job well done. Every Christian should read it and every pastor should make it available to his flock.’

Earl M. Blackburn Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana, and author of Jesus Loves the Church and So Should You, and John Chrysostom. He also edited Covenant Theology: A Baptist Distinctive.

Jim Thompson has degrees in mathematics (Liverpool University) and in biblical studies (Sheffield University). He now serves as a deacon at Latimer Memorial Congregational Church in Beverley, East Yorkshire, where he has a particular role in evangelism among adults in the community.

SKU: 9780852349335