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Every Word Counts by Tom Barnes

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ISBN 9780852347164

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Tom Barnes shows us that a belief in the inerrant, unchanging Word of God, and therefore in God himself, is essential for our spiritual growth and vitality; indeed, for our own personal relationship and walk with Jesus Christ. Many today are doubting and devaluing Scripture, talking about its errors The writer shows that not treasuring the Scriptures for what they are is not a secondary matter.

The view of the Bible among many within the church today has become blurred. Large numbers of Christians have left behind thoughts of a Bible whose whole and every part is inspired, without error, and the only ultimate authority to bind our consciences and teach us about God and his redemption. Many wonder whether we can really believe what the Bible says, or be certain about what it teaches. Others elevate a subjective leading of the Holy Spirit as direction for life over the wisdom of the Word of God.

God has given us his Word to reveal his saving work. To doubt his Word is to doubt both him and his work. A failure to believe the Scriptures for what they really are is not a secondary matter, something that has no consequences. We must see that it plays a crucial role in where we stand with God and whether or not we are growing in Christ!

Tom Barnes is senior pastor at the Evangelical Free Church of Minden, Nebraska, USA, and has authored two other books with EP: Living in the hope of future glory and Atonement matters.

SKU: 9780852347164