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Defiant Grace by Dane Ortlund

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ISBN 9780852347515

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Dane Ortlund takes us through each of the four gospels (one chapter on each), directing attention to what Christ did and taught, reminding us of His wonderful love. This is done by highlighting what Bryan Chapell calls “high-octane grace….the kind of grace that makes disciples so love the Saviour that they will give their lives for Him”. Here is a picture of “defiant grace”, attractively and compellingly presented.

The open welcome of divine grace that Jesus offered, open to anyone who would simply leave their moral resume at home, is not predictable. It is not safe. It is defiant. In each Gospel, the message and mission of Jesus is deeply surprising:

• In Matthew, we see the surprise of disobedient obedience
• In Mark, we see the surprise of the king undergoing the fate of a criminal
• In Luke, we see the surprise of the insiders becoming outsiders and the outsiders becoming insiders                                                       • In John, we see the surprise of the Creator of the universe becoming one of his own creatures

Such surprises confound our law-marinated hearts. But the good news that Jesus won with his own blood will not be tamed. This good news is defiant. This book exists to exult in this good news and the scandalous mercy Jesus loves to pour out on needy sinners, on people like you and me.

Dane Ortlund lives in Wheaton, Illinois, with his wife, Stacey, and their three kids. He is a graduate of Wheaton College (BA, PhD) and Covenant Theological Seminary (MDiv, ThM). He is the author of A New Inner Relish: Christian Motivation in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards and numerous articles. Dane currently serves as Senior Editor in the Bible Division at Crossway Books.

SKU: 9780852347515